AWA Challenge – Main Event Fitness Geelong

The 2nd AWA Challenge has finally come to an end after a very exciting 13 weeks! Main Event Fitness was heavily involved in the 2nd challenge and Del and Johnny were extremely honoured to be voted most influential trainers at the final presentation night.

The final came down to just 3 very dedicated people:

Rod Burnett – Who took home the award for most Kilo’s lost – A staggering 22.35kg!

Anthony Mardesich – Who was awarded the most centimetres lost – A whopping 106.5cm

Kim Alderton – Who was awarded the overall winner and most body fat lost – With a crazy 13.6%BF

Johnny and Del were also pleased to be able to offer Kim Alderton a sponsorship throughout 2015 to guarantee that all her fitness goals are achieved.

But as they say when one door closes another one opens and AWA have already announced their 3rd challenge, which will start as of the 6th of Feb 2015. We plan to have a major role in the 3rd challenge and can’t wait to work with these awesome people again.

For more information on how to sign up for the 3rd challenge, please feel free to contact myself or Glenn or one of his great team members at:

AWA Geelong
102 Ryrie Street
Geelong VIC
(03) 5221 6668