Metafit Geelong – A Game Workout

Hi Guys! The new March workout ‘Ape Shapes’ will be on show this week at Geelong’s home of MetaFit, Main Event Fitness! This will run at our usual time of Tuesday & Thursday at 7am. As always casual sessions are available at just $10! Don’t know what MetaFit is? Check out our Metafit page for more info.

Ape Shapes is a 20 minute HIIT workout, with 3 rounds and a wicked Sprint finisher. This one will be a toughie and the music is great!

Round 1 is 8 exercises 25 seconds work/ 12 rest.
Round 2 is the same exercises, but now in pairs 20 seconds on each with no rest between.
Round 3 same exercises, but now in blocks of 4, 18 on each, with a 20 second rest between blocks.

The Finisher, is a series of random FLAT OUT sprints, ending with a nasty 1 minute sprint. at some point everyone will need to stop, remember they can rest until they are ready go again. Nobody should be standing after this finisher!!

Your Ape Shapes exercises are…

Crucifix Plank
Rebound Squat Jumps
Walk Out Press Ups
Borrower Squats
Robo Crawls
Floor 2 Sky Jumps
Side Lunges
Tuck Jumps