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Some of ETC’s BJJ fighters competing in Grappling Industries Melbourne

BJJ Geelong

We’re excited to have a few of the Elite Training Centre Crew competing in this Sunday’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gi & No GI Tournament. Grappling Industries Melbourne takes place this Sunday September 25th, 2016 at the Coburg Basketball Stadium.

Jason Petropoulos and Cam Dempsey are competing in the No Gi Advanced division for those with more than 3 years experience, Jase in the 61-66kg weight class and Cam competing in the 91kg + weight class. Cam is also competing in the Absolute Division which is a combined weight class for skill levels. These guys have been training hard in the lead up to the tournament and we’re expecting great things from them this weekend! Grappling Industries Melbourne is shaping up to be huge again and as this will be their last Melbourne event for 2016, we’re excited for these guys to go and give it all they’ve got.

Jase is competing to keep active between his MMA fights, whereas Cam is just looking to test the waters by getting back into competing after a back injury in February.

The details for the fight as as follows:

Location Coburg Basketball Stadium
Date Saturday September 25th, 2016
Time Doors Open at 8am
Ticket Prices Spectator tickets can be bought at the check-in table to the event, where event bracelets can be bought for $15 each. Kids under 12 years old can watch the event for free.


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