Legend MMA Recap | Ryan Mills & Jason Petropoulos | Geelong MMA

The ETC Geelong, MMA boys came away with a win!

geelong mma
The boys pictured with coaches Rich Poole and Shawn Sutton

Over Australia Day Weekend we had ETC fighters Jason Petropoulos and Ryan Mills fight at Legend MMA at Jupiters on the Gold Coast.

Both boys trained hard and did the ETC proud, with 2 solid wins!

Jason’s fight started out fast, he quickly took the centre of the cage pushing his opponent Ramen Habib close to the cage so he couldn’t use his foot work. He threw 2 snap kicks which Jason swiftly avoided and landed a counter right hand. Jason clinched Habib and pushed his back to the cage. Habib tried to circle off the cage, as he did Jason pulled butterfly guard and got him in a heel hook. Habib’s ankle popped and he quickly tapped in 31 seconds of the first round.

geelong mma
The flight to the Gold Coast, prepared after months of training.


Ryan, like Jason quickly took the centre. His opponent Joep Beerepoot threw a punch which Ryan parried and a kick which Ryan caught. After a small battle with the takedown, Ryan pushed his opponent up against the cage. Ryan scored a single leg takedown but his opponent quickly scrambled back to his feet. Ryan, in the scramble, took his opponents back standing and hit him with a brutal suplex. After the slam, Ryan took side control and quickly moved to mount and started raining heavy ground and pound. His opponent gave his back and Ryan sunk in a deep rear naked choke and got the finish in 3:03 of the first round.

A fantastic result for both of our boys. We are immensely proud!

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