Metafit Geelong – Guillotine Workout

Guillotine is a 21 minute workout with 3 rounds of 3 exercises and a finisher at the end of each round. We have gone back to some old school exercises for this one, but don’t be tempted to ignore the technique video, take a look at what makes these simple exercises effective and keep the focus on range of movement, power and perfect form.

Metafit is the original 30 minute, non choreographed, bodyweight only HIIT workout. This is a serious workout for your body and is perfect for busy people because the of the short length of each workout. It is extremely tough, but that’s why it gets results! The Elite Training Centre Gym in Geelong has some of the only qualified Metafit instructors in Geelong. We run classes day classes Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 12pm and 7am classes on Tuesday and Thursday.Contact us to come along to our Geelong gym for a free trial class or call 5221 7827 to chat to one of our staff members about our Metafit classes.