Young Guns 7 – Amateur Boxing/Muay Thai Show | Geelong Boxing

We are excited to be a part of another amateur show with a whole heap of first timers representing us!

We have students from Muay Thai and Boxing competing in amateur fights, as well as 3 kids doing exhibitions. 

Check out the details here:

Muay Thai:
Thomas Kerrigan – Mod Thai 1F 1L 70-75kg

Mark Ranasinge Boxing 0F 60-65Kg
Chris Fernandez Boxing 0F 70-75Kg

Kids Muay Thai Exhibitions:
Charli Wilkins (female) Mod Thai 37.5kg
Brock Rankin Mod Thai 37kg
Jack Shaw Mod Thai 42kg

Date 26/05/2017
Location Croation Centre – 72 Whitehall St, Footscray
Ticket Prices

$50 General Tickets
$1100 Catered Table (Seats 10)

Purchase via the gym

Time Doors open 7.30pm


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