Foot Blistering Management with Danny Hegarty

For such a seemingly small thing, a blister can be incredibly debilitating. In this blog, we will
look at appropriate strategies for preventing and managing foot blisters whilst still being able
to maintain MMA training.

Firstly, understanding what causes a blister is important as it sheds light on how to prevent
them in the first place. Excessive shearing of skin between the foot bones and the floor
surface is the root of the problem. Activities that increase this amount of force are going to
increase the chance of blisters forming.

Things that increase the risk of blistering;
1. Increasing training load (duration and frequency of sessions)
2. Training sessions with a focus on repetitive skills. E.g. training with a lot of
pivot/twisting movements will increase risk
3. New to the sport and the skin on the feet has not yet adjusted

Over a sustained block of training your skin will toughen up develop calluses to protect the
high wear and tear areas. It will be important to allow these calluses to remain intact and
avoid removing them after showering etc as they are protecting your skin.

If you notice a small red area start to appear it may be a hot spot, or precursor to a blister.

Things to manage hot spots;
1. Lubricant over the site (vaseline etc) and then covered with sports tape. There are
taping techniques which will work better and reduce the likelihood of the tape
scrunching up. If you need advice reach out to the Geelong Foot Clinic Facebook page and we’ll provide a
2. Blister patches – There are a few different types of these on the market. They
essentially act like an extra layer of skin and can work well in certain cases.
3. MMA socks – These socks have been specially designed to cope with the demands
of MMA training. Talk with your trainer and check them out online.

If your blister has progressed to a level that it’s appearing like a small lump then
, unfortunately, it is going to take some time to heal fully. Early intervention is key so if you’ve
noticed a blister don’t try and push through, it will only make matters worse.

Things to manage established blisters;
1. Use a sterile needle to lance the blister and allow the fluid to drain out. Leave the roof
intact and try not to peel any away. Wipe down with an antiseptic and apply a
dressing. Over the dressing apply a lubricant and repeat the same steps as you for
managing a hot spot.
2. In some cases, more aggressive techniques are required such as using specific
offloading padding and socks over the top to keep the padding in place.

Hopefully, these tips help to keep your feet blister-free & your feet on the mat. For more
information or if you have any foot & ankle queries, feel free to drop the clinic a message
through Facebook or shoot me an email at

Danny Hegarty
Geelong Foot Clinic
Ph: 52224020