Member of the Month | March 2019

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If you haven’t seen these guys around the gym at some point then you’d better start attending more… Ha! Come rain, hail or shine, Pete and Miranda walk through our doors with bubbly, contagious attitudes and it’s clear no challenge is too big or small. These guys are the first to give a new-comer a warm welcome and we’re lucky to have them as part of our community! 
Pete & Miranda! Congratulations on being our members of the month! Tell us, how long have you been training at ETC and what are your favourite classes?

We started a boot camp with Hayeswinckle with Johnny & Donna in January 2018 and absolutely loved it so we signed up to the gym straight away. We love HIIT with Jim & Tay however we always miss the classes because we are working late so the ETC guys are always awesome and leave their workouts there so we can do them when we get there after hours.

What do you love about ETC?

The variety of classes, and great PTs available to work on your own goals separately. Jim has been amazing in helping us work towards strengthening our ankles and knees. We started boxing with Johnny one on one last year and it has been great to jump into the ring together to throw some cheap shots at each other hahaha 

What are your current fitness goals?

We don’t have any specific goals we just want to stay fit and healthy, both of us have personal struggles with our knees and ankles but we will continue to do what we can. You can make excuses or you can just do it! 

What do you guys enjoy doing in your spare time? 

We are always working. We just opened up our own real estate office Hayeswinckle Lara so we are literally working as much as we can right now! When we are not at open homes you will find us with our basset hounds Bruno & Dakota usually at the beach, or we will be at ETC somewhere…

You guys are always in the gym at crazy hours, whether it be really early morning or late on a Saturday night (when you are not being spotted at the Piano Bar). How do you stay motivated to keep going back to the gym?
The real estate world is such a fast-paced life, the gym balances us and helps with our energy levels. We make commitments to ourselves to make sure we go, we know if we don’t go how sluggish we feel so that in itself is motivating enough.