ETC Gym Geelong Security Upgrades

Gym Safety Upgrade

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep ETC moving forward, we have recently undergone some major security upgrades.

The first stage of these upgrades were changes to our current security system. Thanks to the team at standby security the gym is now equipped with all new security cameras covering both the interior and exterior of the building as well as 24/7 monitoring. As safety is our number one priority, we’re confident that the addition of cameras will mean increased security for both our business and its members. Increasingly, small businesses in the area, including ours, are becoming victims of theft, so we’re hopeful that security cameras will discourage this.

In addition to increased safety, the use of cameras will also allow us to identify anyone on the premises behaving in a manner that goes against our core rules – as such, we’d like to remind everyone to be respectful of both the gym equipment and their fellow gym members, as well as refraining from allowing non-members to enter the premises during unstaffed hours.

There are multiple cameras located at the front door to ensure that all people entering the premises are members. There have been incidents in 24-hour gyms where members (often without realising) have let someone into the gym who wasn’t a member… either thinking they are doing the right thing and holding the door open, or unknowingly having someone follow them. This is why we insist on all members swiping their access tags every time they enter the gym and not allowing non-members into the gym during unstaffed hours.

Another part of our upgrade plan is the addition of portable duress alarms.

A duress alarm is a portable alarm that provides an extra level of safety for both our staff and members. These can be worn outside of staffed hours in case of emergency. The alarm is a direct link to emergency services and our security service so is only to be activated in case of emergency. False alarms will result in an immediate fine and you will be responsible for paying any call out fees.

Out of staffed hours contact: If you see something you’re not sure about or need to reach one of our staff outside of staffed hours you can call the gym line 5221 7747 or our 24/7 mobile 0497635783 or as always message us on Facebook or email.