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One of the most common questions we get asked here at ETC is do we teach boxing or box fit… and what is the difference? Box fit which is also commonly known as boxercise incorporates some aspects of boxing and associated techniques, however, it is primarily a cardio-focused program. The focus is on getting the heart rate up and may include a variety of basic punching combinations, high reps and body weight exercises with less focus on traditional boxing techniques.

At Elite Training Centre, Geelong we offer boxing classes, which focus on teaching the fundamentals of boxing, this includes how to throw punches, coordinate footwork, head movement and put together combinations. Our more advanced boxing classes also include sparring drills and for those who are interested in training professionally, we work hard to prepare them for stepping into the ring. But just because our focus is on technique does not mean you won’t get your heart rate up and get a whole body workout! You don’t have to want to be a professional fighter to attend our boxing classes, you don’t have to ever spar… Majority of people who come to our boxing classes come because they enjoy boxing as a way to keep fit and build confidence. It’s also a great way to let off steam, gain some mental clarity and lose weight.

Our beginner boxing classes are perfect for those who are a little unsure where to start or want to test the waters. These classes suit a variety of fitness and experience levels, we believe you get our what you put in! This just means people should work to their abilities… Often, we hear beginners say “I don’t want my partner not to get a good workout because I’m not sure how to hold pads” or “I haven’t done it before so I’ll hold others back”. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! This is rarely the case at all, everyone has been a beginner at some stage and our members are more than happy to help. We try to have some of our more experienced members in our beginner classes to act as a second set of hands for our coaches, plus you can never learn enough of the basics!

If you’re interested in coming along to a boxing class, you can view our timeable here and book yourself a free trial via the website.


Tay Dodds

You have probably seen Tay around the gym, she is both gym manager and one of our ETC coaches. She’s hard to miss with her bright coloured hair! Tay specialises in strength and conditioning classes as well as circuit based small group training. With her own training, Tay will always chose weights and strength training over cardio.

Tay’s is available for 1:1 and group training: