Body Composition Scans with Bren

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Why body composition is more important than total body mass.

Body Scan (1)

In the image above, both women weigh 60 kg.

The woman on the left has 28% body fat, the woman on the right 17%.

This is why the scales (weighing your total mass) can be irrelevant when measuring your overall health.

Don’t get me wrong, the scales can be a useful tool, but they are not THE tool.

This is where body composition scales become very useful to regularly monitor things like your level of muscle mass, and body fat, so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition.

Saturday 19th & 26th October, you can get your body composition scan at a discounted price.

Normally we charge $40, for ETC Members we’ll be discounting that by 25% to $30.

Dates: 19th & 26th October

Time: Anytime 9 am through to 12 midday (takes about 5 mins)

If you can’t make that time, message me for a different day/time that suits you better.


19th – Elite Training Centre, Geelong

26th – Ebb and Flow Wellness Studio

Cost: $30 for ETC members

What you get: Body Composition scan results, interpretation guide, 5 min consult & interpretation

Bonus: Free Yoga class voucher for Ebb and Flow Wellness Studio

Bren: 0411147214

SMS me to book in or have any questions answered.

Fees must be paid on booking, no refunds for no shows (you can have a credit though if you’ve had an emergency)