Health and Fitness during the Christmas Period | ETC Gym Geelong

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The holiday period can be a busy time of year. It can mean lots of Christmas parties and social events, these generally also mean lots of food and alcohol – so what do you do if you are trying to be “healthy”? This can be a really difficult juggling act, on one hand, you have people saying “it is just once a year”, enjoy yourself… but on the other hand, you may have a big goal you are working towards and you don’t want to hinder your progress. So, what can you do?

It is true the holiday period only rolls around once a year and it is always a time known for overindulging, but there is also more to it then that. The holiday period is also a time to spend with loved ones, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. So, with that in mind, here are some ways you can enjoy this time of year without rolling into January (literally!).

  • Plan ahead: If you know when your social events are going to be which ones are going to involve a whole lot of food or drinking then you can plan ahead. This can mean a number of things, from trying to get a little extra physical activity in that week or making sure to make healthier choices throughout the week.
  • Drink water: make sure even if you are enjoying a few after work drinks you are staying hydrated it is so easy with the mix of the summer sun and the festive atmosphere to forget the simple things like water. Not only will this help with the dreaded hangover, it will also help avoid boredom snacking and keep your body hydrated
  • Watch your serving sizes: If you are anything like me, portion control is not a strong point. So, when you’re sitting down to Christmas lunch remember that you will eat again… you are not eating your final ever meal on earth! So chose the foods you really enjoy and don’t over fill your plate. You want to make sure you leave room for Christmas desserts after all, right?
  • Don’t fill up on nibbles! It is so easy to demolish your way through that lovely gourmet platter full of cheeses and crackers without a second thought. So why not grab a couple of things and move away from the food table go chat with friends or family and catch up?
  • Keep active: Whether you are a regular gym goer or not try to keep the body moving. Take the dog for a walk, play a game of backyard cricket or get that gym session in.

Most important thing of all: REMOVE ANY GUILT

At the end of the day there are much more important things then the number of calories you have consumed over the holiday period. So, enjoy the time with family and friends!

– Merry Christmas, from coach Tay!