Gut Health with Donna Lindsay


Gut health, gut health and more gut health


Gut health.. it’s one of the most talked about health topics of late (behind keto diets and fasting that is) but why is it so important? Having good gut health is crucial for overall well-being, physical and mental health. Our stomach has millions of nerve cells, which help digestion. For any health professional, we go on and on about the importance of our digestive system that’s because we know how beneficial it is to so many aspects of our health.

Immune function, skin health , mental health, energy production, metabolism, vitamin absorption and physical health are ALL influenced by how good our gut health really is. So how do you know if you have bad gut health?

The common signs are bloating, IBS, reflux, feeling tired for no particular reason, and generally feeling not yourself. Improving your gut health can be quite simple (in most cases). Adding certain foods to your diet and removing any processed foods can be the simple solution. If you already have a relatively healthy diet then it could be something you are missing from your diet or an underlying condition that hasn’t been diagnosed.

Gut health is a topic I could write about for hours but I don’t want to bore everyone, below I have listed some of the foods you could start incorporating into your diet to keep your gut happy.


– Slippery elm

– Kombucha

– Daily uplifter powder (stocked at Bodhi and Co)

– Gelatine (stocked at Bodhi and Co)

– Collagen (stocked at Bodhi and Co)

– Psyllium Husks (more fiber)

– Chia seeds (black or white)

– Kimchi

– Flaxseeds

– Green Juice (Juice Syndicate)


If you want to learn more and think you might need an overhaul  of  your nutrition, book for a health assessment with myself at