Member Spotlight – December 2020


Don’t be fooled by her gorgeous smile, our newest member in spotlight isn’t afraid of hard work! Meet Jaimee (you may have seen her battling it out in our virtual classes if you joined us during Quaran-team!). Jaimee is dedicated, friendly and so deserving of our next ETC Member Spotlight.

We know you did an AMAZING job over lock down, what did you do to see these incredible results?

I found a couple six-week blocks or “challenges” of exercises to complete at home (made easy by the loaned gym equipment), which made it easier to stay consistent and accountable. This helped with the lockdown fatigue and made it feel like time was actually passing. Also roped my housemate into joining me during Lockdown 2.0 – who is now a fully fledged ETC member herself.


We know you were a regular in our online classes, how did you find them? And what was your favourite one?

Bit strange at the start, but LOVED them by the end. I’ve been working from home since March, so it was great to (virtually) see an interact with other humans outside of a work context. Also, I wasn’t super mad about not having to drive to the gym at 5.50am during winter. 


Now that ETC is back open what has been your favourite class so far? 

I tend to jump between the morning and arvo HIIT classes, and I wouldn’t dare pick a favourite.

Morning positives: Jamie’s gentle bullying/motivation and the morning workout seems to set me up for a good day

Afternoon positives: Ben’s tasteful music choices and the torture is usually over in a short 30 minutes.


We see you training so hard, every day! What keeps you motivated?

I’m incredibly competitive, so it’s the little things, like closing my watch activity rings or seeing my name on the MyZone leader board at the gym (and there are some BEASTS who train here so maintaining the top ten is bloody hard) that keeps me motivated. 

Also – the ability to reward myself with pancakes on the weekend if I keep on track during the week. 


Do you have any advice for people who might be struggling to get motivated after ISO this year?

What worked for me was making it part of my daily routine, and something I did for myself as more self-care, rather than using exercise to compensate or as a punishment. This year has been bloody tough for many people and I had to remember multiple times to be kind to myself, especially coming out of iso into the big wide world.