Member Spotlight – March 2021


Meet Monique, ETC’s Member in Spotlight for March! A newbie to the Elite community, Monique started off by joining our Muay Thai classes and is now thriving in the gym. Be sure to say hello the next time you see her around…


You jumped straight into the Muay Thai class, how did you find it and would you recommend it to others who are new to Muay Thai?


After the first time we went to a Muay Thai class, we were hooked. We didn’t know much about what we were doing in the gym so starting off with Muay Thai was a great introduction for us into the ETC community. I would recommend the class to anyone wanting to be challenged, learn something new and have some fun!


We see you training so hard in the gym, what keeps you so motivated?


What keeps me so motivated is seeing my results and the positive community at ETC. before joining, I felt too intimidated by gyms as I had no idea. The members and trainers are so supportive and make me feel comfortable in the space. I have learnt so much since joining and look forward to getting into the gym when I can to smash out my goals!


You’ve recently purchased plan from our head Muay Thai coach. How has this helped your training?


The program created for me by Chris has been going great so far! At first it looked a bit scary as it involved using more than just free weights and a lot of the other equipment but after he ran through the program with me, I had no problems at all! It’s helped my training by understanding even more about the equipment in the gym and what I can use it for! Chris is supportive and so helpful which makes the experience easier and more enjoyable! 


We’ve seen you in the gym, hit, boxing and Muay Thai! 
What is your fave class at ETC?

My favourite class at ETC is Muay Thai!