Fight Nutrition Workshop – Geelong

Fight Nutrition Worksho - Geelong

Wednesday night we had Donna Lindsay from Bodhi & Co come in and speak to our Muay Thai group about the importance of nutrition, weight cuts, and not starving yourself.

Some of the topics covered include:

– How combat sports are very different to other sports as it has two major goals for nutritional performance. Not only do you need to make a certain weight you also need to perform at your peak while hitting that target.

– Unfortunately, a lot of fighters and trainers focus on making weight by hitting the magic number on the scale but forget nutrition is a key element in performing, not just the training.

– Active people shouldn’t be on low calories as it’s key to training and recovery. Undereating causes the body to ration calories to important bodily systems, as a result some of these systems cant work to their full potential, one system in particular is gastrointestinal. 

– The key to a fighter’s diet is to manipulate what their scale weight is made up of. This means not only fat, muscle, and water but what weight comes from fibre and glycogen. We need to make you lose weight from your non-essential mass.

– Water loading isn’t essential for all fighters to do, it’s just one method we can use. 

If you have any questions you forgot to ask, or a topic you would like covered in the future, please feel free to shoot her a message here.