Fitness Training

Geelong fitness training FAQs

Do you only provide Muay Thai training for competitive fighters or can I do Muay Thai just to get fit?

Muay Thai is an incredible workout, it engages your leg muscles, arm muscles, back muscles and core! While we do have competitive Muay Thai fighters who train and fight at our gym, we also have classes open to everyone. Elite Training Centre founder John Bourke lost 40kgs doing Muay Thai training before he decided to become a competitive fighter. You can do the same at our training facility in Geelong, there’s absolutely no pressure to compete whatsoever!

What is metafit training?

Metafit is a specific type of fitness training designed to boost your metabolism and send your fat-burning ability through the roof! It’s a half-hour workout which combines bodyweight exercises with high-intensity cardio. It’s flat-out for half an hour and is particularly suited to people who are time-poor but want to stay fit and healthy.

Do you have boxing classes for beginners?

Absolutely! If you’ve never tried boxing but would like to have a go, come to Elite Training Centre in Geelong and enjoy one of our beginner classes. We run boxing classes just for fitness so there’s no pressure to be a pro! We run beginner sessions for kids and women-only too.

Can I bring my baby to your “mums and bubs” classes?

Please do! We know how hard it is to get out of the house with a baby to go and exercise. Just because you can’t get a babysitter multiple times a week to fit in a workout doesn’t mean you should be limited to pushing a pram while walking! We are dedicated to helping everyone get fit and stay healthy which is why we run classes specifically for mums with babies.

I’m training to be the best in my sport, do you only provide sports-specific training for Muay Thai fighters and boxers?

No way. While we do specialise in Muay Thai and boxing training, we also specialise in strength and conditioning and sports-specific training. We might not know the rules of your game and techniques the way you do, but we definitely know how to work specific muscle groups, build stamina and help you prevent injury and beat your competition. We will help you get physically and mentally fit for almost any sport, just contact us to make an enquiry.

Why is kickboxing such a great workout?

When you think about kickboxing it includes jumping, twisting, maneuvering, kicking, blocking and constant movement! It a total body workout and works your cardio fitness while helping build lean muscle.

We trust we’ve answered some of your commonly asked questions, but if you’d like to know more about any of our fitness classes, training or programs, don’t hesitate to give us a call.