Fitness Training

Boxing, Geelong

Boxing is a main event at our gym! We run boxing classes for men, women and kids most days of the week. Our gym is extensively equipped with plenty of punching bags, speed balls, boxing gloves and of course a boxing ring.

Whether you want to do boxing just for fitness or competitive boxing, our trainers are professionals who are constantly upping their own skills and experience to ensure a high level of coaching for kids through to amateur and professional boxers.

Boxing is a terrific workout, it works the upper body and core while teaching you to be quick and nimble on your feet. It is incredible for cardio fitness and can provide you with an aerobic and anaerobic workout. This means it builds muscle and stamina and is a truly complete workout! The sport doesn’t just stimulate the body though, it’s a great mental workout and helps to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. You can literally take your life’s frustrations out on a punching bag with no consequences – in fact, it’s good for you! Engage in the ultimate, good-fun workout which will keep your mind and body sharp.

Contact us for more information about boxing for beginners and kids through to professional coaching or find out more about women’s boxing classes at Elite Training Centre in Geelong.