Fitness Training

Circuit training, Geelong

Circuit training is a great way to work the whole body as it involves a combination of short and sharp workouts, including cardio and weights. Circuit training programs are made up of different stations set up with equipment ready for a group of participants who will rotate through each station at least once.

We run scheduled circuit training classes weekly in Geelong at the Elite Training Centre gym. If you get bored easily you’ll love this style of exercise as no two circuits are ever exactly same – we change it up all the time! Your body will never “get used” to the same class over and over as we challenge different muscle groups with our variety of workouts.

If you enjoy exercising in a group you’ll find this type of training to be fun and sociable as well. It’s speedy, effective and planned by our experienced trainers to work muscles all over the body. You’ll wake up the next day hurting in places you didn’t know you had muscles – a sure sign of a thorough workout! Circuit training is included in our X-Fit classes, check our timetable for these classes at the Elite Training Centre gym. We also run classes just for women’s boxing in Geelong.