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Elite athlete training, Geelong

Elite Training Centre trains and sponsors elite athletes in Geelong. We provide strength and conditioning and sports-specific training for elite athletes in the region. Our trainers are highly qualified and dedicated to helping you set and achieve your personal and professional sporting goals.

Lachie McPherson: Decathlete  “ETC is the only gym that provides flexible times, space and equipment that allows me to train and compete at the highest level. I’ve competed at the Commonwealth selection trials, National and state championships in this event and placed top 5 Among this I work with elite sporting teams that have played in international and national tournaments with my most recent being the university of Otago basketball who went back to back in defending their national title in New Zealand”

Athlete Training Geelong

Rožamarija Margarita Tomažič: Taekwondo “I am an elite level Taekwondo/K1 fighter. ETC is the only gym that provides me with the flexibility to work around my busy schedule and provides experienced coaches with a wealth of knowledge and expertise who take of my special & specific needs so that compete at the highest level. I have no doubt that ETC have my best interests in mind and are always seeking to make improvements to the way they train me”

1 x International champion Kuala Lumpur 2015 (ITF Taekwondo)
3 x National champion (United ITF Taekwondo Australia/NAS)
Multiple time state champion (WTF Olympic Style)
Multiple time state champion (ITF)
Several K1 fights (WAKO)

Jason Petropoulos: BJJ/MMA “I’m an elite level brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a professional mixed martial arts fighter with all wins coming by submission. I will also soon be fighting  for the Australian Bantamweight title in MMA. ETC is by far the best MMA gym in Geelong and one of the top gyms in Australia. With a fully decked out weights and cardio area to rival some of the larger commercial gyms, flexible class times, high tech recovery equipment including an ice bath and sauna, amazing and knowledgeable trainers, high level sparing partners and the fact it is a 22 hour a day gym, it is really a one size fits all for breading talent and the best place to get in shape to complete at the highest level”

4x Victorian champion
4x pan pacific champion
3x GTA champion
5x Australian champion
5x Australasian champion
3x Grappling industry’s champion
2nd place in the Dominance Pro brown and black Competition.

BJJ Geelong

Benjamin Silva: Olympic Weight Lifter “For the last 4 years l have been competing as an Olympic Weightlifting Masters athlete. I have been training at the Elite Training Centre for three years which has provided me with the ideal environment to continually improve my sport. I am a remote athlete which means I am coached online, and with the support of the Elite Training Centre’s quality and abundance of equipment, the ample space provided I have had no disruptions with my training. The crucial element as a remote athlete is the encouragement and goodwill provided by not only the staff but by the other gym users. As part of my journey so far, I have travelled Australia wide and internationally to New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. Over the last 3 years l have been privileged to represent Australia in my age and weight division. I currently hold the Australian and Pacific Rim titles and Runners up in the Commonwealth. I am the World Masters Weightlifting Championships 2019 bronze medallist”

Benjamin Silva