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Kids Muay Thai & Boxing Classes, Geelong

Kids Muay Thai & Boxing Classes Geelong

Our Kids Boxing & Muay Thai classes are held at our sister gym, Paradise Gym. This program is the perfect way to introduce your child to martial arts! Boxing is fast-paced, fun and burns heaps of energy and whilst it’s definitely a contact sport, it’s not about ‘fighting’, it’s more about fitness, focus and fun. Each session is challenging, fast-paced and no two classes are the same.

Whilst Muay Thai and boxing are definitely contact sports, we’re not teaching kids to fight each other, instead we use proper padded equipment such as punching bags, boxing gloves and focus mitts.

During these kids classes, we also do lots of other fitness activities such as running, jumping, ladders and more. These classes are a great way for kids to learn self-discipline and engage in physical activity with their peers. We really mix these sessions, so each week your child is coming in to do something different – this is perfect for those kids who get bored easily and need to be constantly stimulated with something exciting!  

You can find out more about our Kids Boxing & Muay Thai program here.