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Metafit training, Geelong

We run metafit training and classes in Geelong on a weekly basis. What is metafit training? It’s a fast and focused workout which helps burn fat. The speedy and high-intensity nature of the workout helps build lean muscle which burns energy even while you’re resting.

Metafit training combines bodyweight excercises and High Intensity Interval Training, commonly known as “HIIT” training. Metafit classes only go for half an hour but are definitely hard work – making this type of fitness training perfect for busy people who simply don’t have time to workout for an hour or longer each day!

This type of training is designed to give your metabolism a massive boost so it works at a higher level for around 24 hours. It’s a terrific fat burner and it’s great for adding variety to your exercise routine. We run metafit classes in groups and incorporate it as part of our boot camps. Please contact us for more information about session times. We also specialise in sports-specific training to help elite athletes develop an edge over their competition.