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Muay Thai, Geelong

Muay Thai is a sport which started in Thailand as a form of self-defence on the battlefield to defend from surrounding countries. Since its inception on the battlefields of Thailand it has been closely intertwined with Thai culture and is their national sport.

Muay Thai is taught in the military to this day and was even taught in schools for a period of time. It is equally revered by royalty and impoverished people. The sport brings together people from all walks of life – men, women and children of all ages and fitness abilities.

Main Event Muay Thai founder John Bourke is testament to this as he was considered obese when he started Muay Thai training in 2009. One year after he started John had lost almost 40kgs. As with many people who begin Muay Thai training, John became hooked on the sport and went on to win major titles. Since it changed his life John wanted to make this form of training available to others and so Main Event Muay Thai was founded and now is housed within the Elite Training Centre.

Now housed within the Elite Training Centre, Main Event Muay Thai is now considered Geelong’s best fighting and kickboxing facility!