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Muay Thai classes, Geelong

Kickboxing classes and fighting

Muay Thai originates from the battlefields of Thailand and has evolved and spread across the globe as a popular kickboxing sport. Deadly and technical, Muay Thai training will whip you into shape both mentally and physically. As with other fighting forms, it is as much about your mentality as your physical ability and this is what gets many people hooked on training.

While some of the more lethal aspects of the sport have been dropped – think crushed-glass strapping – and gloves have been introduced, it is still a high-impact sport. While anyone can engage in Muay Thai training for fitness, fighting and competing is not for the faint-hearted!

Think close-contact, bone-crushing, mind-hardening blows. During sparring and fights, Muay Thai fighters wear groin guards and boxing gloves and can wear mouthguards and ankle supports. Helmets, shoes and shin pads are not worn. Your limbs are your weapons and how well you use them will determine the win.

Main Event Muay Thai runs regular Muay Thai classes in Geelong, including group training and sparring for all ages. One-on-one training can also be organised if you would like a personalised Muay Thai training program. See our timetable for classes or contact us for enquiries.


Professional Muay Thai Fighters

Muay Thai is a main event at our boxing gym in Geelong! We train and sponsor competitive Muay Thai fighters at an elite level where they have the mental and physical fitness to win fights and championship titles.

If you’d like more information about our Muay Thai fight team, or you’d like to inquire about fighting at an elite level, please contact us here.