Fitness Training

Fitness training for mums and bubs, Geelong

We know getting fit isn’t easy and it can be particularly difficult for new mums! When you’re at home with a baby it can be hard to know the best way to get fit, especially with a baby in tow. At Elite Training Centre in Geelong, we’ve solved this problem for you! Because we’re a family-friendly gym aimed at providing fun fitness training for everyone, we decided to start running classes specifically for mums and babies. Bring your baby along and get fit in a supportive atmosphere with other mothers. Mums love these classes because they’re fun, social, they don’t have to find a babysitter so they can go to the gym or wait until their partner is home at night and they build their strength and fitness. Keep up with your kids and set a healthy example from day dot, bring your babies along to our Mums and Bubs classes and enjoy family-friendly fitness training. Contact us for further information and enquiries about these classes. We also run women’s boxing classes and provide strength and conditioning training in Geelong.

Our Mums and Bubs class is run by the lovely Jaime Diamond who manages the classes herself! You can contact Jamie, ask about her classes or inquire about a trial here.