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Women's boxing, Geelong

Ladies only classes

A workout you will love! You’ll burn an enormous amount of energy in 45 minutes and will learn to throw an awesome punch. Improve your cardiovascular fitness, endurance, strength, core stability and body shape through this highly motivational class. Boxing classes will include footwork, timing, intuition, power and speed. Low impact but high energy, boxing not only burns fat but is great for relieving stress and is suitable for all fitness types! 

The Elite Training Centre runs women’s boxing classes in Geelong. If you’ve thought about trying something new or shaking up your existing exercise routine, why not give boxing a go! It’s a complete body workout and is both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, meaning it will help build lean muscle and stamina.

We understand the thought of boxing in a class with men could be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner and a bit nervous as it is! And don’t worry – it’s not about fighting other women, we run boxing classes just for fitness too. Whether you’re a beginner, training just for fitness or a competitive female boxer, the Elite Training Centre is a supportive and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Boxing training is also a great mental workout, it will keep you stimulated and help relieve feelings of anxiety and stress built up in your daily life. This is a sport which is truly great for your mind, body and spirit. Something which keeps people coming back for more!

Check our timetable for female boxing classes in Geelong. We also run classes just for mums and bubs to help mums get fit without needing to find childcare multiple times a week! Please contact us for further questions about our gym and fitness training.