Fueled Partner Pack


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  • Fueled training package has been pieced together to ignite your partner workouts, whether it is at home, in the park, or in the gym.
  • Including one pair of Fuel Boxing gloves, one set of Sabre Focus mitts, and one set of Sports Energizer Refill Pack valued at $139.99

Fuel Boxing Glove RRP: $59.99

We call this our first glove. Ideal for those who are just starting or doing light work one to two days a week. Designed to support you as you build your technique, work rate, and skill level. 

  • Increased Comfort – Our gloves are designed to be an extension of your hand, weight balanced, and easy to transition from open to closed fist, reducing muscle fatigue.
  • Increased Protection- Designed with more padding on the head of the glove focused over the strike area for added knuckle protection
  • Maximum wrist support – Oversized 3inch wrist closure and pre-curved padded wrist cuff provides increased levels of wrist support and protection

Sabre Focus Mitt RRP $69.99

Focused, balanced and accurate, created to wield so you can cut through the toughest sessions. A true measure of commitment to your training.  Formed from the finest technical materials, designed to support and build you as an athlete. Hand finished by expert craftsmen to ensure quality in every stitch.

  • High performance manufactured technical leather
  • High performance mechanical mold system 
  • 3D cushioned inner lining
  • Hook and loop adjustment

Sports Energizer Refill Pack RRP $9.99

If don’t enjoy the odor of smelly gloves and sports equipment. Our Sports Energizers are designed to stop bad smell and bacteria in your sports gear in its tracks. Our proprietary design will assist in maintaining the longevity of your favorite gloves or sports equipment and keep them smelling pleasant for longer. 

Onward Sports Energizers can be used to revitalize your existing equipment, footwear, and gloves or help extend the life of your newly purchased gear. Our sports Energizers are designed to remove moisture build-up from sweat from your gloves and sports equipment.

  • Highly moisture absorbent and designed to remove the bacteria that causes bad odor naturally over time.
  • Made from all-natural materials that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and re-usable.
  • Connect strap to easily hang your sports goods for better airflow
  • Re-Usable Energizer packs last up to six months before needing to be replaced
  • Can be used for luggage, drawers, sports gloves, shoes and much more helps to keep them fresh, dry and odor-free.