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ETC Geelong’s Recovery Facilities

Have you heard? As well as premium training equipment, at the ETC Gym, we have a recovery facility to help with post-workout muscle recovery and detoxification! One of the only public recovery rooms in Geelong, our recovery room includes an ice bath and infrared sauna to assist with your training and recovery. Studies have shown that infrared saunas assist in decreasing muscle soreness and help with quicker recovery times from strength-training sessions. 

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Benefits of using the Ice Bath

Aids muscle recovery post-exercise

Restricts blood vessels which allow lactic acid to be flushed from the muscles at a faster rate, therefore, reducing the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness

Reduces inflammation and swelling

Reduces circulation and cools the body. Similar to using an ice pack on an isolated area of the body

Increases metabolism

Some research suggests that cooling the internal body temperature down and then allowing the body to reheat itself can speed up metabolism

How long do I need to use the ice bath for?

This will vary depending on why you are using the ice bath in the first place. Generally, a recommendation is 3-5mins in the ice bath then the same amount of time on the outside repeated 2-3 times.  It is not recommended to stay in the ice bath for longer than 10 minutes.

What do I wear?

Bathers, shorts or underwear are all accepted just remember people will be walking in and out while you are in the ice bath

What do I need to use the ice bath?

At least 1 towel to dry off when you exit the ice bath, to minimise flooding in the recovery room.


Benefits of using the Infrared Sauna 

Aids in Relaxation

Infrared sauna therapy promotes relaxation by assisting the body in balancing its level of cortisol, your body’s primary stress hormone. The heat generated by the sauna will also help to relax muscles and relieve tension throughout the body.

Improved Circulation

As the heat from infrared saunas increases your core body temperature, your circulation will increase along with it. Consistent infrared sauna sessions stimulates blood flow, improves muscle recovery, and decreases soreness and inflammation after exercise.

Elimination of Toxins

Sweating is one of the body’s most natural ways of eliminating toxins. 

Burning Calories

The heat generated by an infrared sauna will cause your core temperature to increase, which can also lead to an increased heart rate — the same increase in heart rate that you experience when exercising. When your body has to work harder to lower your core temperature or keep up with an increased heart rate, your body will burn more calories, resulting in weight loss.