Tayla Dodds

Tay joined the ETC family as a member when the doors first opened and fell in love with not only the atmosphere but the fact that ETC was different. Tay had tried other gyms in the past but had always felt uncomfortable and insecure. Tay wanted to lift weights but was too scared to venture into the weights room.

Tay’s passion for health and fitness was sparked a few years ago when she met a personal trainer who changed her life. Tay found that training and particularly weight lifting helped her to feel more confident, Tay learnt to love her body and develop a healthy balanced lifestyle. Exercise was no longer a punishment but the ultimate stress release. Tay has competed in local crossfit competitions and powerlifting.

Tay has a passion for helping people whether it be in her day to day job in disability support or in the gym helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. For Tay the most important part of any fitness journey is understanding that everyone’s journey is unique and that everyone starts somewhere.

Tay’s is available for 1:1 and group training: