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Fitness trainers, Geelong

Our trainers will have you fighting fit in no time!

Our trainers aren’t just anyone – they’re dedicated fighting fit professionals. With championship Muay Thai and boxing titles, fitness qualifications and a dedication to a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise, our trainers know what it takes to get fit and stay healthy. Browse our trainer profiles and check out our timetable for classes or contact us to enquire about one-on-one training.

Greg BellBoxing Coach

About Greg

Hi I’m Greg,

I take the boxing classes here at ETC. I have been coaching for 2 years as well as still competing as a professional boxer both here and overseas. I first got into boxing for fitness but fell in love with the sport. I had 7 amateur fights and then stepped into the professional ring in 2014.

I love sharing my passion and knowledge for boxing. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or whether you have aspirations to compete. 


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science 
  • Professional Boxer competing both nationally and internationally
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Accreditation (ASCA)

Greg is available for both 1:1 coaching as well as private group training

Contact Greg on: 0407 581 872

Ashleigh RozenfeldPersonal Trainer

About Ashleigh

Hi, I’m Ashleigh,

I’m currently 23 years old and a qualified Personal Trainer at  ETC.

In 2017, I began studying at Victorian Fitness Academy (VFA) and very quickly decided I wanted to become apart of the Fitness Industry. My new passion quickly became to inspire people through the knowledge and personal experience I have gained over the years.

With 5 years of personal experience focusing on resistance training along with my:

Certificate III & IV in Fitness, I can help anyone with the following:

Body Transformation, Build Muscle, Resistance Training, Increase Strength, Endurance Training

Coming from a sporting background my whole life, including playing representative Basketball (Big V League – Division 1 Women & Youth League) for the last 4 years,  I can also help with sports specific pre-season and endurance training for individuals or teams.


– Certificate III & IV in Fitness

– Certificate III in Business Administration

– Level 2 First Aid & CPR

– Working with Children Check

Ash is available for both 1:1 coaching as well as private group training

Contact Ash on: 0401667463



Benjamin SilvaPersonal Trainer


Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Thump Boxing Level 1 & Advance Kettle Bell Level 1

Metabolic Precision Level 1 – Metabolic Nutritionist

Metabolic Precision Level 2 – Body Transformation

Specialist Metabolic Precision Level 3 – Athletic Conditioning Specialist

Corporate Provider Metabolic Precision Kinesiology

Olympic Weightlifting (T.B.F)

About Ben

I am a husband, a father of four and a grandfather who is passionate about living life to its full potential. If you are looking for a complete transformation I can help you. I believe education is a vital part of a lifestyle change. I have the solution to your health and fitness needs. How would you like to exercise for only a hand full of hours per week and eat heaps of delicious, nutritious and easy to make foods?

Being active for most of my life participating in many types of sport, training modality and with over 7 years experience as a personal trainer I am able to tailor programs suitable for anyone that wants to change. The first step is always the hardest, don’t keep putting it off any longer.

Contact me now for a FREE, no-obligation consultation to kick start or continue your fitness journey.


Fat Loss

Focus Intense Resistance Exercise (Body Shaper)

Total Body Transformation

Sports Performance and Conditioning Olympic Weightlifting

Tayla DoddsPersonal Trainer

Tay joined the ETC family as a member when the doors first opened and fell in love with not only the atmosphere but the fact that ETC was different. Tay had tried other gyms in the past but had always felt uncomfortable and insecure. Tay wanted to lift weights but was too scared to venture into the weights room.

Tay’s passion for health and fitness was sparked a few years ago when she met a personal trainer who changed her life. Tay found that training and particularly weight lifting helped her to feel more confident, Tay learnt to love her body and develop a healthy balanced lifestyle. Exercise was no longer a punishment but the ultimate stress release. Tay has competed in local crossfit competitions and powerlifting.

Tay has a passion for helping people whether it be in her day to day job in disability support or in the gym helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. For Tay the most important part of any fitness journey is understanding that everyone’s journey is unique and that everyone starts somewhere.

Tay’s is available for 1:1 and group training:




Rich PooleMMA Coach

I believe in the saying hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t train hard. Without those words I would never had any success.

At the age of eighteen a close friend suggested that I should take up boxing, as like a lot of my generation I was built up on the whole pro wrestling idea. I trained at the same gym for four years, during this time I also joined a regular gym to help supplement what I was doing.

In under 6 months I lost 25kgs.

Again, through the grapevine I heard another friend was looking into started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We both went in on the same night, and have stuck with the sport ever since.

BJJ, and grappling in general has always been my favorite style. I have had the pleasure of many amazing training partners, and coaches through the years, and I credit Chris Derkson, Nick Salvino, and Big Dan Cherubin for where I have acquired much of my knowledge.

Competitive grappling and BJJ has taken me around the country, and has always treated me kind. I have taken the gold medal at the State/National/Pan-Pac/GTA competitions in my belt, and weight division, and medalled numerous other times.

  • Gold medalist at the GTA comp in my weight/belt division
  • Gold medalist at the State Championship comp in my weight/belt division
  • Gold medalist at the National Championship comp in my weight/belt division
  • Gold medalist at the Pan-Pacs in my weight/belt division
  • Numerous other silver’s and bronze medals
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Rich is available for one-on-one and group training.

Shawn SuttonMuay Thai Trainer

Shawn began his martial arts and fitness journey after realizing he needed to make a positive change in his life. Weighing north of 100kg and suffering severe asthma he knew something needed to be done.  After losing 35kg and falling in love with the healthy lifestyle Shawn decided it was time to start competing in martial arts.

With over 5 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Shawn has trained at some of the top gyms in Australia and Thailand, and has now made ETC Geelong his home.

With over 23 fights under his belt, including competing for an Australian title, Shawn is Elite Training Centre’s highly experienced striking coach, taking the boxing and Muay Thai classes for all levels.

Having trained a number of professional combat sports athletes, Shawn loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge on martial arts as well as helping people to make a positive change in their lives through fitness and a healthy life style.

Currently a personal trainer with his Cert III and IV in Fitness, as well as Level I Nutrition, Strength & Anatomy, and Strength & Conditioning.

Shawn is available for one-on-one and group training.


Jim KanellosPersonal Trainer

Helping clients achieve their goals is his passion, believing that training should be specific to each client’s individual health and fitness goals to achieve optimal results. Jim is passionate about health and fitness and has a caring and motivational approach to his training. He enjoys working with all levels of fitness and genuinely cares about his client’s progress.

Jim has completed the 2012,2013,2014,2015 Melbourne Marathons with the goal of completing ten Melbourne Marathons and also participating in the Melbourne Ironman event.


  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Diploma in Sports Development
  • Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
  • CPR and Level II First Aid
  • Working with Children’s Check

Jim is available for one-on-one and group training.

0430 184 778

John BourkeMain Event Fitness founder and Muay Thai champion

In 2009 John took up Muay Thai training as a way to get fit and lose weight. Battling obesity, taking up Muay Thai was a life-changing decision for John as he lost almost 40 kilograms in the first year. John completed his first fight just to tick it off his bucket list, but in the following three years he’d won multiple titles and competed in 15 fights! John started Main Event Fitness in 2012 while he was working at another gym. In 2013 John quit his full-time job working in IT and studied to receive his Diploma of Fitness. Upon completing his Diploma John opened a small studio in Breakwater to follow his dream. Within a year the business had outgrown the studio and John moved the business to Geelong West where he opened Geelong’s best fight gym. John has fought competitors from all over the country and worked with many of Geelong’s elite athletes. He has also travelled to Thailand many times to develop his skills and deepen his passion for the sport. John has won multiple titles, including:

  • World Kickboxing Association (WKA) Victorian Champion
  • International Kickboxing Federation (IKBF) East Coast Champion
  • International Kickboxing Federation (IKBF) Australian Kickboxing Champion
  • International Kickboxing Federation (IKBF) Australian Muay Thai Champion